About us

We are a company that specialises in selling luxury perfumes from France, a country world-famous for making them. Nowadays, a scent is a perfect way of expressing oneself, one’s emotions, and innermost dreams. A scent accompanies us every day, helps us walk down memory lane recollecting our loved ones, or some events that have left an indelible mark on our lives.

Perfumes of good quality are evocative of luxury and desire. Daily use of perfume is not merely an aesthetic habit, but also stands for the very fabric of social life and cultural interaction. The concept of ​​Livioon came into being a few years ago in Provence, the area characterized by an enormous selection of plants used for fragrance compositions.

In order to bring the Livioon range of products closer to potential consumers, we decided to use our MLM direct sales channel to distribute it.

According to PSSB (Polish Direct Selling Association) direct sales consists in offering the goods and services directly to the consumers. This is done by way of presenting the products at the customer’s home, workplace, or other venues, apart from any fixed retail outlets. MLM is a way to distribute products and services that ensures the product covers the shortest possible route from the manufacturer to the customer through building a sales network with the aid of the so-called “word-of-mouth-marketing” (“buzz marketing”).

Livioon’s offer reflects key trends in the world’s perfume industry, as well as meets the expectations of our customers. We very much believe you will be able to find your very own dream fragrance composition that highlights your inimitable style and personality, and will help you make your innermost dreams come true.

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We are looking around for people who are enthusiastic, open-minded, like teamwork, and are strongly motivated to succeed.