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Body Cream Hemp Oil have been honored

Consumer Hit 2018

Do you like our balsams with hemp oil? Apparently YES!

Dear Colleagues, Customers and Fans. We are pleased to announce that balms from the series Body Cream Hemp Oil have been honored by the Central Office of National Certification Centralne Biuro Certyfikacji Krajowej with the title “Consumer Hit 2018” 🏆

What does the prize mean?

  • Products enjoy the best opinion and liking of consumers.
  • It is a reliable confirmation of the quality and reliability of products.

We do not know which of our active ingredients you like so much. Has it made hemp oil? Thanks to which the skin is taut and silky smooth… Can macadamia butter? In the end, it is known for its firming properties…

Perhaps it is a combination of all active ingredients. We are glad that you appreciate our efforts. The highest quality of products is our priority. We will provide you with only the best. Your recognition is our greatest reward. Thank you!

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