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Welcome to the world of Livioon! The blog you are reading is a series of inspirational articles and expert advice that you can use on a daily basis. You will also find interesting interviews, motivational and business articles, and you will get to know the company and its co-workers.
We invite you to read, that can change your life.

Challenge: beautiful skin for bikini season

The spring isn’t here to stay yet and we already think about summer. Beacuse when to start preparing for the bikini season, if not now? If you want to feel great in a swimsuit (no matter your size!), make your skin beautiful, silky smooth and firm today. Challenge: bikini – on! Preparing your skin for […]

International Livioon Convention

Spring in every language means the same – awakening, blooming, vital energy and development rays. On May 11&12, their warmth will surround the international community of Livioon partners at the International Livioon Convention, the most inspiring event of this season! Is there a better opportunity to get to the heights of motivation than meeting people […]

How to choose the right face cream?

Almost every woman reaches for it and men use it quite often, too. It’s our daily skincare basis! So face cream – because that’s what we’re talking about – should be perfectly matched to needs of our skin. How to do that? How to choose the right one? What makes for a good face cream? […]

What does your perfume say about you?

They say that eyes are window to the soul. But you can see as deep through… the gates of scent. Perfumes we choose say a lot about our personality. What does your favourite fragrance say about you? Discover your perfumery identity.   There’s nothing new in associating certain scent groups with certain characteristics. Example? Floral […]

How to perfectly clean your skin?

If we were to choose the single most important skincare step – it would definitely be cleansing. Without it even expensive cosmetics won’t do their job and skin will be just… ugly. But how to clean skin effectively, yet gently? Every day many pollutants accumulate on our skin. Dust, smog, our own sebum or flaked […]

What causes static in your hair?

You take off your hat and your hair gets… a little crazy? Hair picking up static in winter can be awkward and is certainly a sign that you need to take a proper care of them. Fortunately, we know the ways to say goodbye to static hair – for good. What causes static in your […]

Algae – natural cosmetic for every skin type

The best ways to take care of one’s skin hide in nature. Example? Plants straight from the depth of seas, algae – perfect natural cosmetic for every skin type! What do they owe their unique properties and how to use them for beauty? Algae have been already known in ancient Far East, but today they […]

When to start an anti-aging skincare?

Soft, smooth skin is a synonym of youth. But time goes by and skin looses its youthful glow… How to delay signs of againg? When to introduce anti-aging skincare? Aging prevention should start right after your 20th birthday! Sadly, you can’t stop the time. You can – at least in a matter of beauty – […]

Vitamin C – beauty elixir.

It’s natural and very effective. It glows up the skin, helps to fight signs of aging, reduces acne, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin surface… It’s for sure one of the best beauty elixirs that we use and gladly so! Let’s start with bad news: while most of animals and plants have the ability to make vitamin […]

How to take care of your skin in fall and winter?

Fall and winter, though they can be beautiful, can be also difficult… for our skin. Temperature and air humidity fluctuations often cause our skin to be dry, flaky and its color comes not even close to summer glow. How to take care of your skin in fall and winter for it to keep the glow? […]

Body Cream Hemp Oil have been honored

Do you like our balsams with hemp oil? Apparently YES! Dear Colleagues, Customers and Fans. We are pleased to announce that balms from the series Body Cream Hemp Oil have been honored by the Central Office of National Certification Centralne Biuro Certyfikacji Krajowej with the title “Consumer Hit 2018” 🏆 What does the prize mean? […]

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