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Welcome to the world of Livioon! The blog you are reading is a series of inspirational articles and expert advice that you can use on a daily basis. You will also find interesting interviews, motivational and business articles, and you will get to know the company and its co-workers.
We invite you to read, that can change your life.

Tailor-made success

Lukasz, how did you first learned about Livioon and how did you started in network marketing? My mom told be about Livioon. I always say that we run a family business. I’m very grateful for that.
My beginnings were a little difficult. I wasn’t fully convinced by the company until I went to a training and […]

Tailor-made success

„Vacation with Livioon smells differently” – these are the words of our Diamond Manager, Beata Piwowarska, a succesful woman. She joined Livioon because she wanted to spend holidays under the palm trees. Every day she proves that with Livioon she’s in her element. She fulfills her dreams in no time and pursues her priority goals. […]

Tailor-made success

Małgorzata Kołodyńska is a woman who is not afraid to undertake new challenges, for which constant transgression is the functional basis in both, professional and private sphere. In Livioon’s structure she is at Manager level 22%, but that is not all, the whole road is just beginning for her – and we are strongly supporting […]

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