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What does your perfume say about you?

They say that eyes are window to the soul.

They say that eyes are window to the soul. But you can see as deep through… the gates of scent. Perfumes we choose say a lot about our personality. What does your favourite fragrance say about you? Discover your perfumery identity.  

There’s nothing new in associating certain scent groups with certain characteristics. Example? Floral notes are supposed to be loved by romantics, fruity notes – by active and dynamic people and heavy, musky scents are signature of mysterious melancholiacs. Today we know that this thinking is way too simplistic. 

Thanks to research conducted by Alan Hirsch, PhD, neurologist and psychiatrist, we now have deeper understanding of perfume and personality connection. Check out what popular fragrance notes say about their „bearers”. 

Citrus scents are the province of so called alfas – born leaders. They have natural predispositions to lead, are ambitious or even dominant. Imagine a young, successful businessman – he (or she) will probably reach for citrus perfume. Grapefruit or orange will wear best on, let’s say, CEOs, presidents or managers. After hours, of course.

Livioon 9

blends lemon, jasmine and sandalwood. It’s an energetic scent with more serious note – perfect for young, zestful and ambitious people. 

Rosy accords are common choice amongst sensitive and empathetic people that has introspective tendencies. As Hirsh says, rose amateurs have great self-control, are naturally cautious and reasonable. They are the ones that don’t have many shameful or embarrassing secrets from the past.

Lavender is chosen by people that we’d call masters of social interactions – open, chummy, eager to connect. They often act as a locomotive to the whole group that pushes team forward. They like to surprise others with gift, never forget birthdays and are always there to cheer their pals up. 

Vanilla isn’t always sweet. Fans of vanilla notes are expressive, energetic, oftentimes outgoing. They love to have fun and be in a spotlight. They are extraverts who suffer when forced to spend Friday night at home. They make every party even funnier.

Vanilla mixed with freesia and pink pepper in Livioon 98 make for fresh, somewhat frivolous yet manly and fragrance.

Sandalwood is perfect for a perfectionist. Such people are often their worst critics and very ambitious doers – they just have to do something, constantly proving their worth and raising the standards. They tend to expect lots from themselves as well others; it helps them to reach the top. You can find many “sandalwooders” amongst artists, businessmen or social activists. 

Fruity perfume bring to mind sweet, charming personality – and that’s usually not the case. Apple, berries or tropical fruits in perfume are often chosen by moody, unstable people. They see the glass half empty and eagerly use sarcasm or ironic jokes. 

If you like coconut scent, we can instantly recognize it! According to Hirsh, you are very fashionable, stylish person that cares a lot about her looks. We’d say you’re fashion-forward, always step ahead. You like expensive jewellery and… authoritarian leadership. You also value high quality and nice brands. You always get the attention but also are sensitive to criticism. 

Coconut, peach and iris are perfect combination for fashionista. It’s both classic and modern – never goes out of style. Livioon 57 is a perfect, luxurious fragrance with a little freshness.

Gardenia highlights stable, mature personality. It’s a match for those who carry innate peace, who soften any tension and organize things efficiently. Gardenia-lovers look for sense of security. They have no interest in flings or changing jobs often – they prefer happy marriage (frequently in young age) and safe job position. They make friends for decades.

Jasmine perfume are, just like vanilla ones, an addition to feisty character. Fans of jasmine like to provoke with uniqueness and are brave adventurers. Their life’s too short to worry about what other people think of them. They are born optimists and spontaneity is their second name.

This raises a question – if we select a certain fragrance, can we change our personality? That is rather impossible since personality develops throughout all our lives, but… we can change our mood. Effectively! Consciously chosen fragrance can give you confidence, sense of security or make you feel happier. There’s only one rule: you have to like the perfume. Otherwise they can go.. straight to trash.

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