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What causes static in your hair?

5 ways to fight it

You take off your hat and your hair gets… a little crazy? Hair picking up static in winter can be awkward and is certainly a sign that you need to take a proper care of them. Fortunately, we know the ways to say goodbye to static hair – for good.

What causes static in your hair?

Even the most beautiful can’t bypass the laws of physics. These laws explain a phenomenon of static hair.

Every hair is charged with positive ions – just like dust particles or fabric fibres. And when two positive ions meet, they start to push each other off. It’s simple!

This phenomenon is supported by friction. It makes ions to rub off of one object and stick to another. By taking off your hat, you rub its fibers against your hair and positive ions get onto it. Since it’s now charged with some „positivity”, yout hair start to push each other off.

You should know that dry and damaged hair are more prone to get static. Why? Because it lets more positive charged ions to get through and inside of pieces of hair. They not only just sit on a surface but also accumulate inside.

How to fight static hair

The healthier the hair, the less static they get. That’s why you should properly take care of it with a complex care.

  1. Change your comb
    Plastic brushes and combs are perfect means of transport for positive charged ions. It’s better to use wooden comb or boar bristle brush – they are antistatic so they don’t contribute to the crazy hair effect. They may even help to close hair cuticle and make it look better.
  2. Use a nourishing shampoo
    When you wash your hair, you can already make it smoother and hence less prone to static. Was hit gently, without strong rubbing or pinching. Don’t use hot water, too – it opens up the hair cuticle and worsen its condition.

    Most importantly, choose a strongly nourishing and rich shampoo. It should contain ceramides and proteins that will help to rebuild the har structure. Hair Architect Keratin Complex shampoo will work perfectly – it moisturizes, nourishes and protects the hair while giving it some bounciness.
  3. Protect your hair with conditioner
    The sleeker and sort of heavier the hair, the less it gets static, so conditioner is a must in winter (but not only!) haircare. Of course, besides giving an effect of sleekness, the conditioner also regenerates and nourishes the hair.

    Apply conditioner after every wash and if you can leave it on even for a dozen or so minutes. It will work better then. Hair Architect Argan Complex conditioner contains a „morrocan gold”, vitamin E and wheat protein that help to protect and moisturize even the driest hair.
  4. Don’t be afraid of styling
    Hair styling products such as mousses, hairsprays, creams or pomades also help hair to resist an electryfing force of positive ions. They add some shape to the hair and – used with common sense – create a protective layer that smooths the hair and prevents from water loss.
  5. When in need… use a handcream
    If your hair still get static during the day and you have no idea how to overcome this, smooth the hair with a… handcream! Apply a normal amount of cream to your hands and when you’re left with a barely detectable coat of it, apply the reat to your hair from the ear down. Your hair will be more sleek and less prone to static. Just be careful not ot overdo it. A slightest amount is really enough.

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