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How to take care of your skin in fall and winter?

Fall and winter, though they can be beautiful, can be also difficult…

Fall and winter, though they can be beautiful, can be also difficult… for our skin. Temperature and air humidity fluctuations often cause our skin to be dry, flaky and its color comes not even close to summer glow. How to take care of your skin in fall and winter for it to keep the glow?

Dry, oily or combination skin – it doesn’t matter. F/W skincare always has to main goals. First: to protect the skin from damaging external factors. Second: balance its functions, because after hot months the natural proccesses that happen in cells are disturbed. Of course, depending on your skin type, you will pick out appropriate skincare products, but the basics remain.

Just imagine what happen inside your skin, when colder months start. For many weeks it was aligned with summery conditions – heath, sun, pretty much stable air humidity level. And now? The weather changes like crazy. It’s windy, rainy now and not-rainy later. What’s worse, when you come to warm, dry room straight from cold, wet outside – your skin goes crazy.

Effect? Palpable dryness or, on contrary, an excessive sebum production. You can prevent it though with the right skincare.

Step one: regulation

If you want your skin to be beautiful regardless the season, remember about regular exfoliation. By removing dead skin cells, you let your skin breath and help it to regenerate. The right peeling will stimulate skin renewal and that’s excatly what it needs, especially in transition between seasons – so between summer and fall and then between winter and spring.

Choose enzyme peelings like the one from Livioon – they gently dissolve any impurities and dead skin cells. They are suitable even for sensitive skin types. Be systematic and use peelings twice a week – you’ll quickly see results.

Don’t forget the toner, too. It’s an unappreciated product that also helps to regulate the skin. It brings back the right pH, and if it’s properly fitted to the skin, it also has conditioning effects. Toners based on natural flora lor herbal waters are an excellent choice. Pro tip: avoid alcohol in your toner – it’s sometimes added to products aimed towards oily and acne-prone skin, but it does more damage than it does good.

Step two: moisturizing

Hydrating the skin is an absolute must! During fall and winter it should be even intensified.

You can switch your day cream for something more nourishing and richer – although it won’t suit every skin type. If your skin is normal, dry or sensitive, including a rich product is something that will surely benefit you. Oily skin girls won’t be as thrilled. Solution? Light, hydrating serum applied underneath your regular day cream. Choose a lightweight, watery serum and your skin will be grateful.

Besides, an extra skincare layer is a great idea no matter your skin type. Serum not only adds moinsture to the skin, it also helps protecting it from weather conditions.

Livioon’s Natural line excells in moisturizing te skin. Active ingredients taken straight from the nature hydrate and energize even the deepest layers of epidermis.

Step three: protection

Unfortunately, regulating and moisturizing skin is not enough. To properly take care of your skin during fall and winter, you ought to protect it – so the moisture wouldn’t „escape” and wind or cool air wouldn’t damage cause damage.

Oils will be irreplacable. Use them solo over the face cream, add a drop into a cream portion or apply in the evening as a face mask. Natural oils create an oclusive layer on the skin – an invisible barier protecting skin from drying out or irritation from external factors. They also make the skin more elastic, soft and smooth.

Different oils have different properties so choose one that’s right for your needs. Maybe you already have your ideal cosmetic… in your fridge! Feel free to use high quality, untreated and cold-pressed cooking oils. Sunflower or rice oil are the best friends of oily or combination skin while grape seed oil, rapeseed oil or olive oil will take care of normal, dry and sensitive skin types. But beware! Popular coconut oil has an comedogenic effect.

Additional skincare

There are few more things that you want to remember in fall and winter. If you introduce them to your daily routine, you’ll get the best results possible – and your skin will quickly notice it.

  • Use an eye cream. The undereye skin is very thin and lacking sebaceous glands that produce natural lipid skin barrier. Livioon’s Eye Cream from Natural line will do great as it regenerates, firms and moisturizes the skin.
  • Once a week apply a cleansing face mask, eg. with a green clay. It will prevent overbuilding a lipid layer on skin and help to „breathe”. Again Livioon has a perfect solution – Facial mask with green clay It not only takes care of a proper moisture level but also shrinks the pores and has tightening properties.
  • If you’re going to spend more time outside, use an UV protection cream. Althought you might think that in fall and winter sun shines way too low to harm your skin, the UVA rays have negative impact all year round..
  • Drink a lot of water!
  • Nourish your skin from within. Take care of a healthy diet that includes omega acids and vitamin C, which is responsible for proper course of many proccesses happening in our body. Above all, vitamin C stimulates collagen production and increases it even by 8 times!

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