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How to perfectly clean your skin?

How to clean skin effectively, yet gently?

If we were to choose the single most important skincare step – it would definitely be cleansing. Without it even expensive cosmetics won’t do their job and skin will be just… ugly. But how to clean skin effectively, yet gently?

Every day many pollutants accumulate on our skin. Dust, smog, our own sebum or flaked skin cells… brrr, that doesn’t sound good! Skin covered in such impurities doesn’t „breath” – meaning that oxygen exchange is straitened, exfoliating process is going on incorrectly and skin pores are clogging. At least bacteria have a feast!

That’s why cleansing is one step we should never omit. It’s very easy – but there’s a hook. Cleaning should remove only the „dirt” from the skin and leave natural lipid coat intact.

Two steps of cleansing

Double cleansing is a perfect, gentle yet very effective way of cleaning the skin. It comes all the way from Asia – it’s one of the Japanese and Korean women secrets for beautiful skin. It consists of taking makeup off with… oil, and then washing it off with a regular cleanser, like gel or foam.

Why does it make sense? Many skin impurities, like our sebum, are oil-soluble. That’s why to get rid of them, it’s best to use oil! Choose natural, cold-pressed oils – even sunflower oil is perfect. A portion of it apply on your face and eyes and massage for a minute or so.

Then wet your face (you can also wipe it with wet disposable towel) and wash off the oil and all the pollution with it. Use your favourite products that fit your skin needs.

And effects? Soft, glowing skin, acne or blackheads reduced, noticeable moisture boost.

Washing is not everything

Cleansing doesn’t end on washing your face. For a perfectly clear skin we have to exfoliate it on regular basis and – ideally – also use the right face masks. Why? To remove dead skin cells accumulated on its surface that oftentimes are responsible for skin’s bad state. Cleansing oil and gel won’t manage to do it by themselves – and that’s why it’s worth to use enzyme peeling.

In Livioon’s peeling we used natural papaya enzyme and vitamin C. They gently solve the dead cells and let the skin finally breath. Our enzyme peeling is so mild that it can be used even with sensitive skin types! It also gives an immediate results in form of smooth skin and the glow effect.

After such a deep cleansing, we recommend using a clay mask. Natural clays are a soft astringents, they make skin pores clearer and regulate skin processes. Mixed with moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or algae – like in Livioon’s Facial mask with green clay – they nourish even the most demanding skin.

Only properly cleansed skin can work effectively. If we take care of impurities or makeup leftovers, it will return the favour with a healthy look.

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