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How to choose the right face cream?

It’s our daily skincare basis!

Almost every woman reaches for it and men use it quite often, too. It’s our daily skincare basis! So face cream – because that’s what we’re talking about – should be perfectly matched to needs of our skin. How to do that? How to choose the right one? What makes for a good face cream? Let’s reveal this cosmetic secret.

For starters, let’s list all the things that should not be considered when buying a face cream. Nice package, friend’s opinion or a nice promo are definitely not the most important. Although beautiful jar pleases the eye, does it provide expected results? You know the answer. And although the cream is working for your friend, would it go as well with your skin? You can never be sure – so treat recommendations just as pros, not the main reason for purchase.

Determine your skin’s needs

First step to choose a perfect face cream is determining what your skin needs. If you know your skin type, you’ll find it much easier.

Moisture is a basic need of every skin. Even the oiliest one! That’s why glycerine, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A or collagen are what you should be looking in your cream. These substances are best accompanied by natural oils. The more of them in a product (check INCI ingredients list – the first listed ingredient is the most concentrated one), the stronger moisture it will provide. So try to determine how much of moisture does your skin really need.

In perfect world, a face cream that only moisturizes the skin would be enough. Unfortunately, we don’t live in perfect world. Most of us struggle with various skin concerns, including:

  • acne in many forms,
  • discolouration,
  • wrinkles,
  • hyperkeratinisation (meaning the skin cells are lining the inside of a hair follicle instead of naturally exfoliate),
  • sensitivity and reactivity,
  • dilated capillaries.

Let’s consider them when choosing the face cream. Do not treat producer’s promises religiously – ingredients are way more important. Get to know the most popular ingredients that can be beneficial to our skin and look for them in your skincare.

Every skin will gain from vitamins. That’s why a face cream contains vitamin A, C, E, B3 or B5 (panthenol), it’s a positive quality. In Livioon’s Face Cream Day, besides moisturizing and revitalizing ingredients, you’ll find an active vitamin mix. They’ll help you to brighten, nourish and regenerate every skin type.

Define your expectations

What a skin needs is one thing. But you also have your own expectations that are worth mentioning. Maybe you don’t like perfumed skincare products or you appreciate lightweight packaging that’s perfect for travelling. Maybe you got used to one particular type of packaging like jars or airless pumps. These thing may seem trivial but they do influence a user experience.

Different and perhaps more important issue is expectation towards face cream’s texture and its behaviour on skin. You’ve probably noticed that some products are more dense and thick while others are lighter, even gel-like. Which ones do you prefer? Does your face cream have to go well with makeup? Are there any substances that you know are not beneficial to your skin? Do you need additional UV protection in your cream? To pick the best one, consider these questions.

Creamy quiz

We’ve prepared for you a short checklist that will make choosing the right product easier for you. If you still haven’t find one, answer this questions as well:

  which products did you like in the past? what did you like about them?
  which products didn’t meet your expectations and why?
  what is your skin type (dry, oily, normal, combination)?
  what is your skin condition (acne-prone, dehydrated, sensitive, couperose, man’s, mature)?
  what is your biggest issue when it comes to skin?
  how intense is this problem? mild, medial, severe?
  which ingredients can help it? look for them in Internet or come back regularly on our blog to get more skincare tips
  how does the ingredient list look like? you can ask for analysis on cosmetic Facebook groups or type every single ingredients in Google by yourself
  does price to quality (based on ingredients list) seem adequate?
  do your friends use this product? what do they say?
  are there many negative reviews on Internet, concerning especially irritation or allergic reactions?
  what do you really expect from a face cream?

Armed in detailed information, you can go hunting. Tell shop assistant in drugstore about your needs and expectations – or better, contact your Livioon consultant that will help you decide if our creams are right for you. We are guessing that they might steal your heart for ever!

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