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When to start an anti-aging skincare?

Soft, smooth skin is a synonym of youth.

Soft, smooth skin is a synonym of youth. But time goes by and skin looses its youthful glow… How to delay signs of againg? When to introduce anti-aging skincare? Aging prevention should start right after your 20th birthday!

Sadly, you can’t stop the time. You can – at least in a matter of beauty – slow it down. Visible skin aging starts around age of 25 and that’s a perfect moment to take interest in ant-aging skincare. As the old saying says: prevention is better than cure; that’s why we should act yet before we see first wrinkles or skin elasticity loss.

Many factors affect our skin’s functions. If we want its every process to run smoothly and the skin to be healthy and glowy, let’s take care of:

  • diversified, nourishing diet,
  • proper amount of physical activity,
  • proper amount of sleep,
  • stress management,
  • hydration,

and as a cherry on top – let’s add here a reasonable skincare.

3 pillars of anti-aging skincare

Preventing wrinkles cosmetically is based on 3 pillars: skin moisturization, antioxidation and photoprotection. Truth be told, even teenagers can do it on daily basis, if they use the right products – you don’t have to wait until you see the first crow’s feet in a mirror.

Let’s remember that wrinkles appear quicker on dry skin. It’s thin, not very immune to external factors, it looses its elasticity easily. Hence moisturization is a priority in anti-aging skincare.

In your everyday face creams look for substances such as hyaluronic acid, urea, lactic acid, algae extract or aloe extract. Livioon’s face and eye creams are great choice as they are also rich in vitamins and other active ingredients.

Protect your skin from wrinkles

The next step is to introduce antioxidant to your skincare. They are substances that protect skin cells, collagen and elastin from damaging effects of free radicals. The will make skin more radiant, regenerated, evened out and firm for much longer. For example, in Livioon’s products we use antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin C or coenzyme Q10.

It’s also important to include antioxidant in daily diet. Fruits, vegetables and vitamin C supplement will help to protect the organism and skin from within.

Absolutely use also sunscreen! UV radiation generates a lot of before-mentioned free radicals, and in result – so called photoaging. In summer, reach for at least SPF 30 that will help you to tan safely and won’t add to skin aging. Also in autumn or winter, when you plan on spending more time outside, protect your face with a sunscreen. Even if you can only dream of sun. Your skin will be grateful!

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