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Fragrance composition

Let the heart note be your guide!

After you apply your perfume, its fragrance gradually goes through three distinct notes, each of which complements it in a different way:

  • the head note – is the very first scent we detect; intense at first, its tiny molecules evaporate rather quickly: the head note fades away after c. 15 minutes;
  • the heart note – is first detected after c. 10 minutes and much less intense than the head note; it harmonizes the smell, determines its bouquet, and stays on the skin for up to two hours;
  • the base note – boosts and stabilizes the aroma. It is first felt after 30-60 minutes, determines the depth of the fragrance, and accompanies us for many hours.

When choosing perfume, let the heart note be your guide – it should express your style. Also make sure, however, that the base note is composed of your favorite scents, as it will stay with you and continue to affect your mood for hours.

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