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The laurel “GOOD BRAND 2018”

Quality, Trust, Reputation

The Livioon brand received the “Good Brand 2018” certificate and joined the group of laureates of this prestigious award. The emblem was awarded as part of a nationwide program which for nine years now has been promoting brands that are distinguished by the highest trust and reputation in their category.

As the award slogan “Quality, Trust, Reputation” proclaims – we feel honoured receiving the title. We are pleased that the quality of Livioon products, their innovativeness combined with the highest quality ingredients have met with so much recognition from our customers. This distinction is awarded to the most progressive and the most recognizable brands present on the Polish market. Based on the uniqueness of the products, independent editorial experts of the Forum Biznesu, Biznes Trendy and Polish Academy of Sciences bestow the above-mentioned title.

The Program called Good Brand – Quality, Trust and Reputation is a nationwide promotional program that aims to select the best, most trusted and reputable brands in specific industries. In recent years, Polish consumers have faced thorough changes in their lifestyle and consumption habits. In today’s world, it is increasingly difficult for us to choose the right product or service from a wide and ever-growing offer. To meet expectations of the contemporary consumer, Good Brand Program – Quality, Trust, and Reputation helps in choosing the best brand in a given category.

Customers and their opinions do shape actions of all companies, which is why distinctions based on consumer research are particularly important to them. Editors of Forum Biznesu and Biznes Trendy carry out research aimed at finding the value, activity and recognition of brands in specific categories. The analysis covers, among others: the market position of the brand and its strength, the quality presented by a given product or service, and the degree of trust of consumers and customers.

Livioon products were highly rated by customers and respondents, as a result of which Livioon Company has been awarded the emblem of Good Brand 2018 – Discovery of the Year by the Program Chapter. In the process of selecting winners, consumer opinions play a very important role. Therefore, first of all, we would like to thank our clients for the prize we have received. Thank you for your trust, which is our main motivation for development, improvement of service standards and continuous improvement of quality of our products.

The program is carried out under the patronage of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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