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Our history

From an idea to a strong brand

From the combination of LIFE – life, and OO – infinity, the word LIVIOON was born, which means an endless life. It is a reflection of the desire to consciously and responsibly shape your relationship with the world and other people. Thanks to the possibility of conscious selection of high quality products, our skin receives a wonderful injection of minerals and vitamins. We Then have the certainty that we use products specially made for our demanding complexion – dermatologically tested and providing adequate protection.

Combining top product quality with innovative business opportunities makes Livioon one of the most vibrant companies in the network marketing sector in Poland and across Europe.

From an initial business idea to a strong brand – welcome to the history behind exclusive beauty products that have won the hearts of thousands.

Twenty five years of experience, combined with audacity and product excellence, hold the key to our international success: a new brand made in the EU in response to the dynamic growth of the sales and manufacturing sector.

Quality above all

Our success rests on two pillars: business partnership and product excellence. Our priority is to deliver top-quality cosmetics to meet the needs and demands all customers. We are committed to the best environmental practices and constantly enhance the quality of our products.

Stable growth and dynamic expansion

Simple in theory, the business concept took two years to prosper. Every product was subject to an objective assessment process and meticulously developed to ensure top quality. Trials conducted with several hundred people under the watchful eye of independent experts allowed us to create a range of perfumes guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning customers. It wasn’t before we had made sure our products met the most exacting quality standards that Livioon was started.

The company was officially launched on 1 June 2014 and can be said to have been born under a lucky star. Indeed, our first years proved very successful. Right from the get-go, our sales results reflected what our customers had known all along: that excellent quality can easily go hand in hand with affordable price. Livioon has managed to maintain a stable and steady growth and continues to attract new Partners. What else could we hope for?

Perhaps a further expansion into European markets and beyond, because good products need to be shared with others. It won’t be long before new countries get the chance to discover the smell of success with Livioon!

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