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Mission and vision

Our mission underlies everything we do

Our mission underlies everything we do. It determines our objectives and serves as a point of reference for all our actions and decisions.

  • We strive to change lives by delivering top-quality products that can be shared with others.
  • We bet on innovation: our products are always created in close cooperation with experts in cosmetology and dermatology.
  • We strive to ensure financial freedom through a flexible work schedule.
  • We invest in people – we appreciate and support their commitment and passion, helping to develop by provide training and incentive programs. Because the development of our people will ensure the good future of our company

Our goal is to bring people together and improve the quality of their lives through a staunch commitment to customer focus and the delivery of luxury every day. People are our priority: we care about our Business Partners and Leaders, as well as hundreds of thousands of customers in Poland and beyond. Our product range is under constant development and we continually strive to boost the quality of our services to create the ideal conditions for business growth.

Our vision defines the scope of our activity and guides us as the central element of our commitment to creating a better world where new experiences are generated by innovative products. Our goal is to become the go-to brand for innovative cosmetics. To achieve this objective, we are determined to invest in creativity and expertise and share our values with our partners and customers around the world. Thanks to the passion we invest in the manufacturing process, we are already able to offer the highest quality of products and services. At the same time, we strive to discover new areas of cooperation by investing in lasting values and their constant improvement. At Livioon, we have the passion to take on new challenges and convert them into opportunities.

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