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Tailor-made success

Małgorzata Kołodyńska

Małgorzata Kołodyńska is a woman who is not afraid to undertake new challenges, for which constant transgression is the functional basis in both, professional and private sphere. In Livioon’s structure she is at Manager level 22%, but that is not all, the whole road is just beginning for her – and we are strongly supporting Małgosia and we will be with her.



Małgorzata Kołodyńska


Listen her success, dreams, plans and wishes for whole team.


I’ve been working with Livioon for 15 months now and it took mi about a year to get to 22% level. I started fiercely and achieved 16% in first month – but I never had a goal to reach 22% as fast as possible so I waited for a year. Let’s say that I was doing my thing, enjoying it, but just in November 2018 I took up the challenge and said: yes, now I’m going to move forward. I reached 19%. And in January I made it, me and my amazing team reached 22%.


The most important advice, kind of a crucial suggestion is to treat this business like a business, to set goal of reaching 22% level – that must not be a vague „we’ll see” statement, but a firm resolution. And of course, to get a premium membership from the start, that’s a must have, because everyone has to start from a really good place and know why he’s in the organisation, what he wants to accomplish in life. That’s why I think that first, go premium, and second, treat it like your own business, like: I have a goal, I do it, I work and there’s no chance to not achieve success. Especially with Livioon.



I motivate my team with my actions, because my business partners notice what I do, if I attend meetings, how I’m doing. They constantly ask: what’s going on? What can we do better? And I plan, of course. I plan meetings, I make arrangements with them. Our cooperation is based on good relations within my team, there are friendships, too. I think that’s the most important thing, this good contact, uninterrupted flow of information – that’s the key.


When I got the care, I felt about it very strongly – and still do. So much happiness, gratefulness for what happened in a year – because I’ve worked for a year, truly, to reach this amazing level that provides me a car from Livioon. So it’s happiness, pride for having such a great team that helped me to work towards this level. And it’s my dream coming true – because my dream was to get a car that I earn myself and that happened because of you.


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