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Food Supplements Livioon Awarded

Consumer's Laurel - Discovery 2018.

Collostrum Cavalli and Cannabidiol food supplements were acclaimed the Discovery of the Year in the 14th edition of the national popularity poll “LAUR KLIENTA/ KONSUMENTA 2018” [Client’s / Consumer’s Laurel] and were granted the right to the (indefinite) use of the logo Laur Klienta/Konsumenta – Odkrycie Roku 2018.

It is a dozen years now that this largest consumer programme in the country has been awarding emblems in different categories to companies and products distinguishing themselves with the highest quality, innovativeness and particularly strong trust among clients. The awards reflect the results of the nationwide opinion poll in which clients choose the best products, services or brands. Within the survey, the contest committee confer laurels, which are one of the most important and the most influential honourable prizes in a particular branch. Thus, producers receive the answer to one of the fundamental questions: which products are currently the most popular in their category? The honours bestowed by the contest organiser are in fact an expression of acknowledgement by the Polish consumer as the selection of the most valued products is made by no one else but users themselves.

This year the elite group of brands which may use this title has been joined by Polish company LIVIOON which optimally combines innovative products – food supplements with both natural ingredients and high effectiveness upon everyday use.

The “Laur Klienta” Odkrycie Roku 2018 emblem is an immense reward for us, reflecting current trends in the food supplements market.

On April 24th, Gazeta Wyborcza, a daily, printed out on its pages the advertisement of Livioon products which made it evident that the company holds LAUR KLIENTA/ KONSUMENTA 2018.


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