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More about perfumes

Practical tips

How to recognize high-quality perfumes?

Above all, focus on fragrance content, he most important ingredient of every vial. The higher the concentration, the longer-lasting the perfume. Do you know that most “perfumes” available in drugstores are really toilet waters (4–10 % fragrance) or perfumed waters (11–17% fragrance)? Real perfumes (18–30% fragrance) are incredibly difficult to find.

Fragrance composition – varies and may be affected, for instance, by storage conditions. Many aromas finally bind together and begin to release their beautiful scent only after several weeks. LIVIOON, however, has high quality written in its genes, and we do our best to make sure that all our perfumes meet the most stringent quality standards.

Other ingredients – our perfumes contain water, which makes them smell better and longer, because it does not evaporate as fast as alcohol, as well as a UV filter to protect your skin against the sun.


How to make your perfume last longer?

  • Apply your perfume after a shower.
    Hot steam makes the pores of your skin dilate and better absorb the fragrance. Applied after a bath or shower, perfumes will be more intense and last longer, as the skin gradually releases their scent throughout the day.
  • Use a moisturizer.
    Smooth, moisturized skin better preserves the fragrance, as the scent is more evenly distributed across its surface. A body lotion may also act as an accessory vehicle for the perfume, which blends into the moisturizing film and stays on the skin for longer periods of time. Remember to use fragrance-free products so as not to affect the scent of the perfume.
  • Do not rub your wrists together.
    The habit of rubbing your wrists together after applying your perfume belongs in the past. Rubbing was once believed to spread the fragrance more evenly across the skin. Nothing further from the truth! It may even cause aromatic molecules to disintegrate faster and reduce the durability of the perfume.
  • Apply your perfume to strategic spots.
    Fragrance lasts longer in areas where the skin emits more heat and the pulse is particularly strong, such as the neck, elbows, wrists, and the area between the clavicles. You can also apply perfume to your ankles and groins, but always avoid the ears. The skin around the ears produces more sebum, which may negatively affect the quality of the fragrance. Want the scent to be even more intense? Dab some vaseline on the skin before applying your perfume; the greasy film will absorb the aroma better than any body lotion!
  • Choose a strong base note.
    The base note is the foundation of all aromatic blends and their longest-lasting component, responsible for how long the fragrance stays on the skin. To make sure it won’t evaporate too fast, choose perfumes with a base note such as ambergris, musk, forest resins, or vanilla.
  • Perfume your hair.
    Hair is an excellent vehicle for perfume as it releases fragrance with every movement. Unfortunately, alcohol may have a negative impact on its health. To minimize the risk, apply your favorite perfume to the comb or the hairbrush instead; the alcohol will soon evaporate and the fragrance will spread more evenly. You can also create a special fragrant oil for your hair ends by combining a bit of fragrance-free serum or natural oil with perfume and then applying the mixture to wet hair.
  • Apply perfume by layers.
    To intensify and preserve the smell of your perfume, select cosmetic products from the same fragrance family. Try out LIVIOON body lotions and shower gels. By applying several layers of the same scent, you will make the fragrance last longer and feel more intense. In a similar way, you can also combine several of your favorite aromas, but always remember that the less, the better.
  • Store your perfume properly.
    Humidity, light, and extreme temperatures are the three worst enemies of perfume. To keep your favorite fragrance fresh, store it properly, preferably stashed away in a cardboard in a dark, cool place. Do you treat your vials as pieces of applied art meant to please the eye? Put them on a shelf or dressing table at a safe distance from the window and the heater. Never store your perfumes in the bathroom or the fridge to avoid extreme temperatures and humidity, which will make their fragrance decompose faster.
  • Refresh your fragrance during the day.
    You might want to reapply your favorite perfume during the day, but it is a drag to carry a vial of perfume around at all times. There is an easy solution: apply some perfume to several cotton pads and put them all in a small string purse. If the purse is air-tight, they will keep their aroma and save a lot of space in your bag. To refresh your fragrance, simply rub the cotton pads on your skin.
  • Perfume your clothes.
    Clothes can preserve smells for a long time, but the alcohol and essential oils contained in many perfumes may cause discolorations and weaken the fibers. To make your clothes smell beautiful and protect them from damage, apply some perfume to several hygienic tissues and put them in your wardrobe or drawer. The clothes will absorb their aroma without any risk.

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