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Vitamin C – beauty elixir.

For wrinkles, acne, pigmentation

It’s natural and very effective. It glows up the skin, helps to fight signs of aging, reduces acne, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin surface… It’s for sure one of the best beauty elixirs that we use and gladly so!

Let’s start with bad news: while most of animals and plants have the ability to make vitamin C, we humans have lost it. That is why we have to replenish vitamin C with food and cosmetics. Why?

Because vitamin C is among others a very strong antioxidant – it means that it neutralizes the damaging effects of so called free radicals. Vitamin C boost our immune system, and what’s important for both our health and beauty, it also takes part in collagen synthesis.

It’s worth to enrich one’s daily diet with a proper intake of vitamine C. It should appear on your plate in form of fresh fruits, veggies and… Livioon suplement – it uses rich in vitamin C rose hip extract, ginger and turmeric extract that together make for a antioxidant bomb, having a positive impact on immune system as well.

But it’s also very important to use cosmetics with vitamin C. The research show that while this vitamin contained in food or dietary supplements work great on the inside, our skin needs it also on the outside.

Who can benefit from cosmetics with vitamin C?

In short – everyone. A list of wonderful properties of vitamin C makes it perfect for both teenagers, more mature persons and people with skin isssues. Here are the most important facts about vitamin C:

  • it protects from free radicals, helping to protect the skin cells damage,
  • it supports natural sun protection of our skin and eases the UV rays effects,
  • it boost collagen synthesis, helping to retain skin firmness, reducing wrinkles and preventing from developing further skin lines,
  • it brightens the skin and evens out it’s tone while fighting the pigmentation,
  • it has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces acne and prevent sebum oxidizing – it means less blackheads,
  • it seals the blood vessels (reduces telangiectasias) and reduces redness,
  • it strengthens skin barrier, making the skin not only denser but also more immune to external factors.

It is a real agent for special tasks! Complex properties of vitamin C make it irreplacable in everyday skin care. Used every day, it quickly gives first results: it’s brightening and illuminating the skin, making it more even and refined. With time, wrinkles and comedos are reduced. Skin becomes more firm, younger looking, and imperfections disappear. Vitamin C works even on rosacea and dilated capillaries. So don’t think about it too much – use Livioon Day Cream containing this magical vitamin and enjoy you beautiful and healthy skin.

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