KERATIN COMPLEX HAIR SHAMPOO contains unique keratin complex which strongly promotes rebuilding natural structure of the hair fibres. It nourishes, strengthens and deeply moisturizes. Increases overall hair volume, offers elasticity, and provides lasting protection. Particularly recommended for damaged, brittle and split-ended hair.


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    HAIR CONDITIONER WITH ARGAN OIL recommended for all types of hair, especially dry and damaged. The unique formula based on argan oil, otherwise known as the Moroccan Gold, vitamin E, and Shea butter, restores original shine, strengthens the hair follicles, regenerates your hair from the inside, makes it smooth, and prevents split ends. Wheat proteins protect hair from the effects of heat during drying and other styling treatments. Its application protects against the harmful effects of environmental factors, prevents frizzy hair, and restores colour saturation to the dyed hair. Thanks to its extremely light consistency, the nutrients immediately penetrate into the hair fibres ensuring their elasticity, shine, and natural lightness, with no need for extra loading.


    KERATIN COMPLEX HAIR CONDITIONER is intended for dry, brittle, split, and damaged hair. Keratin rebuilds natural structure of the hair, repairing the damaged structure in the hair fibres. It nourishes, moisturizes, and provides lasting protection. After its application the hair becomes soft, shiny and easy to manage.

  • Livioon No. 103

    Eau de parfum 50ml
    Fragrance concentration 16%

    Top notes: aromatic
    Fragrance category: fresh

    Magnetic, wood-leather scent with a hint of rosemary, in combination with almonds and orange blossom offers a real delight to the senses. A mixture of citrus fruit, drizzled with vanilla, and wrapped up in warm cedar wood makes a perfect scent for impulsive and enigmatic men.

  • Livioon No. 111

    Eau de parfum 50ml
    Fragrance concentration 20%

    Top notes: floral-oriental
    Fragrance category: intensely fresh

    Juicy tangerine cocktail, with a touch of warm amber, sandalwood and white flowers, makes an incredibly sensual composition.
    Floral – oriental scent for women who truly enjoy being seductive.